Things I learned from RT…

Ignored one of the golden rules of keeping your valuables with you at all time and, as a result, all of my belongings were stolen…whom, whomp.

Rewind a bit to when I was at the “last” stop on the RT, Seattle, WS – furthest away from home and point of return back east. Decided to visit Pike Place Market for some seafood and some Starbucks souvenirs (for our Mom, personally, not huge fan/could care less).

Parked rental in a public paid open lot with a 2 hour window at 1:38pm (as per time stamp on parking receipt). Walked back to car at 3:18pm (was keeping track of 2 hour limit), noticed broken rear passenger window, and then realized our backpacks were missing.

Hindsight is 20/20. Here’s where we fucked up and what we realized after…

  • No cameras in parking lot, not even across the street. No retails shops nearby lot, just restaurants. Most retailers usually have cameras on-site/near entrance, although not all. Not sure if this would’ve helped/captured anything even if there were.
  • Lot was full, parked in very last spot in between 2 vehicles that were larger than mine, thus, conveniently providing street view cover for theft/window breaking.
  • SUV rental (no hidden trunk) so all contents inside are visible through windows (so incredibly obvious we were on a road trip).
  • Lulled into false sense of safety with it being middle of afternoon/broad daylight with lot being in a very crowded/high traffic area (3 blocks away from Pike Place!).
  • Didn’t take our valuables with us when we stepped out of the damn car (valuables = surface pro and macbook)!!!

Had a ton of shit in the car, only took the 3 backpacks – Bro has a really nice leather duffel bag that was left untouched. How clever, of course super common for almost everyone to put valuables/electronics in backpacks. All of my belongings were in just 2 backpacks, both of which were taken, haha and yikes.

Filed a police report online (as instructed upon calling, not an emergency or life threatening, makes sense) after swapping rental for new one (without broken window, haha) and stayed another night in Seattle. Thank goodness for Target and same day delivery.

Drove around nearby the parking lot hoping we’d find our backpacks (minus equipment) thrown out on the street somewhere. Wishing those fuckers (or that fucker) severe diarrhea though. And, I hope all the local pharmacies and drugstores are totally all out of pepto bismol.

Anyhow, biggest take aways from this…

Always keep your shit with you and, no matter how desperate or how long you’ve been looking for parking, find a “good/safe” spot to park in.

Seriously though, what a fuck face (or fuck faces).


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