Back Home from Road Trip

Have been home for exactly 8 days today 🙂 Happy 2021 BTW – hoping for a better year than last for us all. Bar is set super low so 2021 doesn’t have to work so hard, haha. So much to share, where to even begin with the RT … !

Naively thought I’d update once a week or so during the road trip. Haha, not really since I’m just getting to posting an update but… better late than never 😀

Was truly busy driving as much as we could each most days, then showered and crashed as soon as we possibly could so we could be/feel as up and fresh as possible – driving fatigue is real!

Key advantage to this though, having a new driver in the group that very much wanted to drive as much as possible for “practice” – me! Being so new at driving, was a lot of fun to clock in all those miles, even more so living in such a pedestrian/mass transit friendly city like NYC where having a car is such a superfluous luxury.

34 days on the road with a total of 9,525 miles driven from point A to point B. Made an excel with dates, # of miles from A to B, and cost of lodging – will eventually add cities/states for travel bucket list tracking, hehe 😀

Didn’t keep track of gas expenses but guesstimate $2.25 per gallon, prices varied, as low as $1.70 and as high as $3.05 with most somewhere in between the two. Drove 2 different rentals (switched to Alamo last minute despite Enterprise reservation) – Ford Edge (about 29 highway mpg) and Dodge Journey (about 25 highway mpg).

Some quick highlights (to be shared in further detail at a later time):

  • Dad tapped out of the RT and flew home about a week into the trip.
  • “Ruined” clean (and very new) driving record with speeding ticket in Oregon.
  • Drove through some crazy ass weather, like, heavy rain, snow (expected), and freezing fog (complete wtf is this moment).
  • Robbed of all my possessions thanks to some asshole(s) that were on a “car prowl” (wishing her/him/them severe diarrhea).
  • Finished epic Grand Canyon hike on the South Rim – 17 mile hike down, into and back up/out the canyon!

Lodging for the 33 night road trip was about $4,200. 100% could have been less had we not decided to stay at resorts/multiple days in a few cities (Sedona/Grand Canyon area, Las Vegas, Seattle, Glenwood Springs, Niagara Falls). We tried some budget hotels very hit or miss, and the misses were really bad. After 3 misses with budget hotels, decided to up the ante a bit with the price points for lodging – you do have to pay a little more for quality in cleanliness and comfort. Also joined different hotel chain reward programs for free and was able to get late check out for free.

Parking was included for free with some hotels, for hotels that didn’t offer, we either paid extra for hotel parking on top of room or for another paid space near the hotel. I guesstimate another $250 on top of lodging fees for overnight parking for hotels that didn’t include for free (many did).

For gas, based off $2.25/gallon average, total miles from A to B, and 25 miles per gallon vehicle average, guesstimate about $925 in gas (includes refills/distances driven while in/around some cities). Joined some free gas reward programs too, unfortunately, none were really impactful $$$ wise. Shell offers 5 cents off per gallon, which is great but Shell also tends to be on the more expensive side (compared to competitors), plus, many non-Shell stations were just more convenient (less driving/on course with route) and/or cheaper. Also, not owning the car, thus, not GAF about quality/type/kind of gas, made it much easier to be a gas hoe.

Will report back soon with some more RT deets and some pics. So many frigging errands and to-dos to cross off!


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