Went back last month (May) for a few days with a friend. Tuesday through Saturday, significantly cheaper airfare, definitely try checking flights during off peak days 🙂

As always, booked an Airbnb, 2br top/2nd floor apartment in a townhouse with the most comfortable bedding! I’m not super picky, as long as it’s clean and location is convenient, so added extras and comfort is a bonus.

For brunch went to Batter & Berries, Wishbone, and Lula Cafe. For dinner, Lou Malnati’s (chain with multiple locations – it’s famous for pizza, lol) and some random place I bumped into while walking around Lincoln Square (can’t remember), super delish though. Made small, easy breakfasts in Airbnb to nosh on before heading out (another reason I adore Airbnbs).

Rained most of the day one day, went to Wndr Museum that day (pricey @ $32/pp but I enjoyed it and don’t regret it!) and saw Avengers End Game (my 2nd time seeing it 🤣).

Wndr Museum is interactive (can touch, sit on, go in, etc.) and meant to be a “linear experience”. Meaning you walk straight through all of the exhibits/the entire museum and can’t go backwards (I tried and was stopped by a very nice employee). You can take as much time to interact, look, and take (very Instagram-able) pics. It took me a little shy of a full hour to walk through completely. Entrance tickets are timed by a schedule and, right now, can only purchase tickets online through their website.It is really, really kewl and my pics do it no justice at all.

If you ever get the opportunity, put it on the list. If you haven’t been to Chicago at all, put it on the list for a long weekend! Several things to see and do in Chicago that’ll fit your fancy, it’s such a lovely city!

Some pics below:


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