Road Trip ‘Round the States

Some quickies:

  • Elder millennial
  • She/her
  • NYC based
  • Licensed driver since 2018 (fun fact: permit holder for 15 years, haha – so NY :))
  • In love with adventures & travel (26 States, plus PR & 25+ Countries to date :))
  • Road tripping on a whim with a loose itinerary & somewhat tight budget
  • All planned sightseeing/activities are outdoors, mainly national parks, monuments, etc.

Some notes:

  • Original intention to go solo
  • Major error mentioning to father/single parent (safety concerns, not ’cause of covid, ’cause I’m a girl -_-)
  • Convinced younger/only sibling to come along to eliminate safety ***eyeroll*** concerns (younger sibling is 2x my size and male -_- but also has license so will be nice to not have to drive all the time)
  • Father, upon being informed that his children are going on a road trip together, invited himself and will not take no for an answer -_-
  • So, this is a family road trip now. Was supposed to be solo trip. ***deep, rattling sigh***


  • 31 day large SUV rental via enterprise
  • Bro has a jeep, but prefer convenience of rental in the event of any mechanical issues, etc. or, worst case, need to ditch car for whatever reason and/or fly our asses back home as soon as possible (raging virus and all, we know)
  • enterprise, ’cause they offered best $ and value for 31 day rental, the commitment of a BMW X3 or similar was another selling point for me (haha – Ford Explorer with others)


  • All 3 of us have medical & dental insurance and, as an added measure of protection, will purchase travel insurance to cover any covid related medical costs to supplement. Squaremouth is awesome, usually only purchase travel insurance for international trips. Affordable, pre-covid, for the 3 of us to go to Italy for a month, it was about $80. Post covid (checked $$$ before to guesstimate budget for RT), about $230 for the 3 of us here in the States. Pretty big jump compared to pre-covid but still affordable and (pun intended) small price to pay for the comfort of added coverage.


  • As cheap as possible! The 3 of us do like our space (we all live 15 min away from each other but in our own apartments) and some luxury here and there, but we’re all pretty down to earth and not high maintenance, “roughing” it a bit


  • Less than a week! Monday 11/23!

COVID Prep & Precautions:

  • Flu shot for Dad, we’re brining our own PPE and cleaning supplies, specifically, N95 masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, and clorox spray (telly hard surfaces & bathrooms)
  • We believe in science, so we wear masks and practice social distancing 🙂
  • Absolutely no indoor dining, if weather permits, will basically “picnic” somewhere outside away from people or just eat in the car – probably no to outdoor dining unless guests/tables are spaced out adequately (many here in NYC aren’t)
  • Do our best to book lodging with open/outdoor hallways so we can “air” the room out for 10-15 minutes prior to entering (maybe science doesn’t back this up but provides me with some mental comfort)

Well, that’s it for now. Quite a bit to do during the next few days. BRB when actually on the road 😀


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