First Post Ever – Hi!

Hi! I suppose this will be a lifestyle blog, not that my life is that interesting, but I love to “write”, am a master chatter, and generally am very opinionated about a lot of different things, even the most innocuous and mundane. Also, love to share – anything from sharing snacks with a random sitting next to me on a flight or some kind of life hack that’s worked well for me. So I’m just gonna share random stuff here 🙂

Biggest life events to happen during the last almost 2 years:

  • Quit my job without another one. Very irresponsible. Especially since I’m not subsidized by a rich family (in my next life!) and am 100% financially independent. The typical “dream job”- New York City corner office, 6 figure salary, ultimate financial security, seat at the leadership table, a career path that generated a lot of envy and also a lot genuine happiness at my “success”.
  • Divorce. In a much better place now and, in hindsight, realize it was the best choice for both of us. Not 100% over it (12 years) but will be. Definitely feeling anxious AF to start dating again, especially in NYC (eye roll).
  • My sidekick of 14 years, Yoshi, a small, hairy 12lb toy mix breed passed over to the the rainbow bridge this past February. Never cried so hard in my life. Am fortunate to not yet experience this type of grief or loss over a human (ergh for when that moment arrives). Had him since he was 4 months old (sigh). Biggest blow. Still cry if I think too hard about him or start scrolling through pictures and videos.
  • My father’s health declined very rapidly and he is now fully disabled. Bad heart/lung issues which have caused mobility issues and need for oxygen tank. His mental facilities and memory are all both still all 100% there, and he doesn’t need assisted living care (yet) – small blessings! Thankful to have a sibling to share this experience with, and someone to help with the “logistics” of taking care of an elderly, disabled loved one.

Some basic facts…

  • I love to travel
  • I love dogs (and all other animals, but dogs are my fave)
  • I love to shop and am the ultimate consumer
  • I am eclectic and random as all hell
  • I am low maintenance and high maintenance at the same time (haha, aren’t we all!)

A majority of this blog will be about the above with some other random topics. I’ll be 36 in a couple weeks and have been living in the NYC area since I was 13. Before that, grew up around different areas in the mid-west and was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico (thank you Breaking Bad!).

Thanks for reading, and thanks for joining me on this blogging journey!

yoshi bear -r.i.p my sweet, sweet love (adopt, don’t shop! please!)

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